Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What method of payment may I chose?

A. Chose from VISA/Mastercard/Switch/Delta, personal cheque, postal order, or direct bank transfer. Which ever method you feel most happy with. Via the 'more info' link for any picture there are two buy options. These are using offline or online payments.

Q. What is PayPal?
A. PayPal is a method for sending and recieving cash via an email address using a credit/debit card. Websites such as this can also chose to use it as a method of taking credit/debit card payments for goods and services. It is widely used by eBay users and is in fact now owned by eBay (one of the few big internet companies making profit).

Q. How secure is paying using PayPal?
A. PayPal uses SSL (secure) connections to take payment details and is therefore very secure. This is the same technology used by all the online banks, and other large internet companies (that accept credit/debit cards). Look out for the padlock symbol on the bottom bar of your browser. This tells you when an SSL session has been established. Never pass your card number over the internet without being certain that this is in place.

Q. Why chose PayPal over a cheque, for example?
A. PayPal lets a seller instantly know that funds have been taken from the buyer. In this way the seller can send the item without first waiting for funds to clear. This has obvious benefit for both buyer and seller. It is also free for the buyer to use.

Q. How long does it take to receive a painting or print?
A. As soon as funds are cleared then paintings can be sent. Postage and packaging costs quoted include insured 1-2 day delivery. Please allow 5-10 working days however because orders are manually checked and administered.

Q. How much would I expect to pay if I were to commission a piece of art?
A. This is dependant on many factors but expect to pay a small premium over typical original artwork shown in the galllery. For more information please use the feedback page for specific questions.